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About C.J.

C.J. Peterson is an eighteen-year veteran youth leader, a published author since 2012, and knows how to relate well to folks of all ages. Her bright spirit and personality shine through as she shares her various passions and heart.  C.J. brings to life not only her world of writing and being a youth leader, but also shares portions of her abuse-survival past, and how that has shaped her in order to help others. 

She has spoken at Indie Author Day of the Longview Public Library on being an Indie Author, and at the East Texas Writers Association on Social Media and branding. She has also spoken at a youth group in East Texas, sharing her testimony of being a domestic violence survivor.

With her bright personality, she uses humor to give balance to the heaviness of some topics, making them a little easier to digest...yet keeps the gravity of those situations in tact. 

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Indie Author Day - Longview Public Library

"C.J. Peterson was a joy to have on our panel for Indie Author Day in 2017. C.J. spoke with such passion about her books and the countless people that read them. It was such a pleasure to hear her speak about her writing process and what inspires her everyday to continue writing. We were so happy to have her join us and are looking forward to having her again to speak on recent and future projects."

Taylor Harding

Technical and Digital Services Supervisor

Longview Public Library

Social Media: Branding vs. Marketing - East Texas Writers Association

"Author C.J. Peterson dazzled at our East Texas Writers Association June 2018 meeting. Her knowledge of managing social media was evident as she talked about hashtags, how to use Hootsuite to manage multiple social sites, and how to revive old blog posts. The meeting was flooded with questions from the members. We will certainly keep her in mind for a speaking spot next year. She really has it down to a fine science!"

President of ETWA - Patty Wiseman

Youth Group - East Texas

A few years ago, C.J. sat down with a youth group of around forty, and poured out her heart as a domestic violence survivor in a unique and inspirational way.

Many people face domestic every day. Those who do not, do not always understand the violence (verbally and/or physically) that a person faces at the hands of someone who is supposed to love them.

Allow her to help your group walk in the shoes of someone who faced domestic violence, and is a survivor.

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