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Everyone has a story, and from that story may be where their passions reside. It is that passion which drives them. Whether it be writing, drawing, animals, nature, photography, or even a passion for people or a charity, it is that passion that fires them up, and propels them to do great things.

Take a listen. You may find your new passion among my guests!  

C.J. Peterson, Author, 

"While the stories are fiction, the journey is real."

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Carrie Cowan - Juvenile Diabetes


Carrie Cowan explains their journey in being 'baptized by fire' into the world of Type 1 Diabetes with her granddaughter. She also tells of how they went about finding a way to get the 'Queen Bee' Brooke a service dog. Their inspirational journey will have you amazed at how God set it all up before they even knew they would need her service dog.




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Stay tuned for more guests as

Stay tuned for more guests. The official launch will be 14FEB2020!!

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"Real people. Real passions. Real hearts."