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Your group can help C.J. Peterson of Pinkerton Private Security solve the murder of Boston Socialite Fiona Finley, who was on the way to marry the Texas Tycoon Samuel Chartreuse when the unthinkable happened! 

Take a step back in time (1892) and travel by train from Boston to Texas with Fiona’s (or maybe more) have murdered her. Who did it, and why? It’s different every time! 

The crazy cast consists of:

C.J. Peterson ( - the private security officer challenged with protecting the high-strung, drama queen, Fiona Finley. Now that she has been murdered, it’s up to her to find the culprit...or culprits!

Shanna Chartreuse ( - Shanna is the younger sister of the famous Texas Tycoon, Samuel Chartreuse. She is traveling with her brother’s bride, while he anxiously awaits their arrival.

Trevor Turquoise - Trevor is the family physician, who is tasked to care for the hypochondriac, Fiona. He travels with his trusty tracking dog, Delilah. 

Lydia Lemon ( - Lydia is a famous chef. As a favor to Samuel Chartreuse, Lydia has agreed to do the catering for the wedding. With the bride not able to make up her mind what exactly she wants on the menu, Lydia has the patience of a saint!

P. Periwinkle - This boisterous character will be played by one from your group. C.J. will work with you to determine who it will be. P. Periwinkle is a well-known wedding coordinator in the Boston Socialite circles, and knows everything about everyone in the entourage! 

A portion of their costume, which signifies which one is P. Periwinkle will be provided, along with the lines for this character.

C. Crimson - This more studious character will also be played by one from your group. As with P. Periwinkle, C.J. will work with you to determine who it will be. C. Crimson is a studious journalist, who is very serious about protecting their reputation!

Note: A portion of their costume, which one is C. Crimson will be provided, along with the lines for this character.

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One-Way Ticket to Muder Cast
One-Way Ticket to Muder Cast

It's A "Killer" Party

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"Out of the Box" Small Group Reviews

Paula Woodson - Group Leader

Our “Out of the Box” Small Group is always looking for something fun to do.  When C.J. told me about the One Way Ticket to Murder venue, I knew our group would be interested.  The cast and mystery did      not disappoint!     Organizing this fun event was easy!  Provide a place, meal, two cast members and participants. C.J. and actors arrived and created the “train” environment with costumes, good acting and a plot that kept you guessing. We even had some special sound effects to add to the sound of the train -  rain on a tin roof.  This is a great event to host for friends, family get together or a Team building exercise for your employees.  Thank you C.J. and Cast for a fun evening!

Jeannette Lewis - Participating Actor (Chris Crimson)

One-Way Ticket to Murder was a blast! I had great fun learning the lines, getting into character, and dressing the part. The other characters were fun to interact with and the audience was fun to mess with.

Thanks for a great night!

Nick Gasaway - Participating Actor (Baron Paul Periwinkle)

C.J., thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your Murder Mystery Theater.

To be a part of the One-Way Ticket to Murder production was a blast. The audience was engaged the whole evening and were kept guessing until the very end. I recommend this as a fun-filled event for all ages. It was an entertaining evening!

Joyce Zook - Audience Participant

CJ Peterson wrote and produced a fabulous play and Mystery Dinner Theater, the "One-Way Ticket to Murder". This sordid tale involved six characters who each could have committed the murder of Fiona, a Boston socialite, who was traveling by train to marry the Texas Tycoon, Samuel. The characters were dressed in costumes as they moved between the various small groups to tell their intriguing stories of what they were doing the night Fiona was killed. The plot was complicated enough that we were kept in suspense as we tried to figure who was the murderer. The evening was fun and full of laughter. It brought our group together and provided a unique way to interact with one another as we attempted to solve the mystery. The Mystery Dinner Theater was a delightful evening to share with friends.

David Woodson - Audience Participant

The "Out of the box" group recently was entertained by a presentation of "A one way ticket to murder". A dinner theater. The plot was well thought out with plenty of who done it. The location was on a steam locomotive traveling to a wedding in Texas from Boston complete with costumes and sound effects. The characters were just vague enough and believable enough to make figuring out who the perpetrator (s) were a good challenge. In fact, none of our group got it completely correct. If you want a fun event full of thought provoking entertainment, give C.J. a call. You wo

East Texas Writer's Association Reviews

Patty Wiseman - East Texas Writer's Association President

I was excited to book the troop of One-Way Ticket to Murder for our February meeting. I was not disappointed! Great cast, well run, a really tough mystery to solve. We broke into groups with each character revolving. Lively discussion! Highly recommend this group. We had a great time!!

Mandy Link - Participating Actor (Chris Crimson)

What fun to join C.J. and company as a guest performer in One-Way Ticket to Murder! I thoroughly enjoyed the role I played and interacting with the other participants as each group puzzled over this clever who-done-it. Wonderful activity for any group!

Kassy Paris - Audience Participant

I love dinner theater. Last Friday, February 8, C J Peterson and her crew performed One Way Ticket to Murder for my writing group, East Texas Writer's Association.

The actors did a wonderful job, but I failed to determine the identity of the murderer. Somehow I missed the clues. I think I need to see the presentation again so I can figure out how I missed the clues.

Do you think if I followed the group around, they might consider me a stalker and call the law? lol

Oh, well, if you get a chance to catch a performance, take it. It's full of fun and laughter.

More Reviews from East Texas Writer's Association

Dana Wayne - Audience Participant

One-Way Ticket to Murder is a must! Great characters and performers will have you alternately scratching your head in wonder and laughing out loud. Picture yourself on a train ride from Boston to Texas in the late 1800’s. You are among the elite invited to attend THE wedding of the century when the party get interrupted with a murder. Deciding who-done-it is group event sure to be enjoyed by all. The characters are quirky and well played by the troupe so your best detective skills will be needed to find out who did and why.

Mike Clifton - Audience Participant

One-Way Ticket to Murder is a delightful romp into a murder mystery in which the audience actually participates. No sitting and just watching others here. Instead, each audience member becomes a part of a team to investigate the murder.

How it works:

Once provided with the basic clues and background, each "suspect" is questioned by investigative teams. This continues until each suspect has been grilled and questioned. Then each team picks who they think the murderer is. What a great way to liven up any party or meeting of a club or organization! And what fun! Having participated in a One-Way Ticket to Murder presentation, I highly recommend.

Catherine Green - Audience Participant

Oh what a thrill, to participate in solving the mystery of the “One-Way Ticket to Murder” at the East Texas Writer’s meeting Friday night.  The characters, suitably dressed for their part, were as engaging as they were entertaining.  From an audience perspective, one was drawn back into time.  To listen and sort out clues of a scene that took place prior to the wedding of Fiona to the Texas Tycoon, Samuel Chartreuse.  Each character carefully explaining their whereabouts prior to the murder left the audience with questions and speculation as to who had motive to commit such a crime. 

If you are looking for a fun social experience, I recommend inviting the cast.  Through this thought provoking investigation, you will gain a wonderful evening of interaction and laughs with your guests. This takes on a new meaning of live entertainment and great fun for any get together!  

Dallas Mystery Writers Reviews

James Gaskin - Participating Actor (Paul Periwinkle)

I had the honor of being a guest performer in "One-Way Ticket to Murder," when it was presented at the Dallas Mystery Writers meeting in December. What a hoot! Excuse me, let me get back into my Paul Periwinkle character, and say, "It was a FABULOUS experience." The characters were vividly drawn, and every one had reason to commit murder. The audience, all mystery crime writers, were baffled as they tried to sort out motive, means, and opportunity for each suspect. Many did figure out the perpetrators, but many didn't. Either way, everyone enjoyed themselves and learned positive lessons about plotting and characters. Even better, everyone had a wonderful time with the story and presentation.

Sandy Steen - Audience Participant

This is a one-way ticket to fun and lots of it!!! A who-done-it that is chock full of great characters, clues and performances. The murder is set on a train headed for Texas in the late 1800s the fun of finding the guilty party is nothing short of a party itself.

LaRee Bryant - President, Dallas Chapter Mystery Writers of America

The One-Way Ticket to Murder team was a resounding success with the Dallas Chapter of Mystery Writers of


Our members thoroughly enjoyed the lively atmosphere, the costumes, the cleverly constructed plot and the challenge of solving the mystery. This was a fun day for our folks!