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Follow C.J. and Trevor's Journey To Fruitfulness, as they take a five acres property with a home and outbuildings, and transform it into a self-sustaining farm! They have bees, fruits, fruit trees, and a greenhouse with herbs, spices, and vegetables! Celebrate their successes as they transform their acreage, and learn with them from their mistakes. Enjoy the journey, as C.J. also applies many of these lessons to maters of the heart.


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Serenity Acres Apiary is more than just about bees! There's C.J. Peterson's books. There are berries and fruit trees. There will soon be a greenhouse for year-round herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. And, did we mention the bees?

The blog "Journey to Fruitfulness," is the story behind Serenity Acres. Subscribe to follow C.J. and Trevor's journey as they make a farm from ground zero! There will be laughs, as well as tears, as they celebrate their successes and learn from their mistakes. 

This is not just a journey in farming but a journey of the heart, as C.J. applies what she learns to her Christian walk.

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Yes! We currently have eight hives! This is part of our new venture, but we plan to have honey, balms, soap, wax, candles, and many other bee products! Stay tuned for more information as it comes available! In the meantime, have a bee-utiful day!


In case you missed it, C.J. Peterson, one of the owners of Serenity Acres Apiary, is an author! She not only writes books, but a portion of the proceeds from the books go to various charities. For more information and easy to find book links, simply go to the series you are interested in:

Grace Restored Series:

Holy Flame Trilogy:

Divine Legacy Series:

The Treehouse

C.J. reads books with Chief and Sarge on C.J.'s youtube channel - The Treehouse. Everyone enjoyed having a treehouse when they were young. Well, just like those treehouses, this one is stocked with games, books, TV...and, monkeys?? 

Yes, C.J. loves monkeys! She collects one from each of the places she and Trevor visit. These monkeys literally hang out on the banister outside of the treehouse!

You can find out more about The Treehouse here:

The Journey Is Real Podcast

"Real people. Real passions. Real heart."

Everyone has a story, and from that story may be where their passions reside. It is that passion which drives them. Whether it be writing, drawing, animals, nature, photography, or even a passion for people or a charity, it is that passion that fires them up, and propels them to do great things.

C.J. Peterson, Author, "While the stories are fiction, the journey is real."

Vegetables, Herbs, and Spices

Coming next spring, Serenity Acres Apiary will add to the current pear and fig trees on the property. There will be apple, apricot, peach, and plum trees.

We currently have black berry bushes, and will be adding strawberries and blue berries.

While these fruits are all delicious on their own, C.J. and Trevor will convert some to jellies, jams, and applesauce. There will also be canned halves of some of the fruits.When we build our greenhouse, we plan to have all sorts of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. 

This one is in the works, and will take some time to come to fruition.

Some of the various vegetables will be green  beans, zucchini, yellow squash, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and green onions.

Some of the herbs and spices planned will be lavender, sage, lemon grass, spearmint, peppermint, catnip, rosemary, and many more! 

As for the fruits in the greenhouse, there will be strawberries, cantaloupe, and a lemon and avocado tree. 

We'll let you know when it's up and running, or pay attention to the blog - Journey to Fruitfulness.

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