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Texas Sisters Press, LLC is owned by, you guessed it, two sisters from Texas! LM Mann and C.J. Peterson are co-owners of this publishing company.

They formed this press for a couple reasons. The main reason was that they are in it to give authors a fair shot at publishing. They firmly believe in the theory that "we are all in this together." 

LM Mann

LM Mann is an award-winning author, who loves writing for kids.  "Using your imagination is one of the most important skills you develop as a child," she says.  She uses her stories to encourage children to think outside the box, and to realize that reading is fun!  She writes for little readers, middle grade and YA.
“Books for adventurous readers!”

C.J. Peterson

C.J. Peterson is a four-time award-winning published author since 2012. She is also a podcaster and blogger, and knows how to relate well to folks of all ages. She has three series currently out: Grace Restored Series, The Holy Flame Trilogy, and the Divine Legacy Series. In her books, the spiritual realm crosses into the physical. Where there’s dark, there’s light. Where there are angels…there are demons. It’s an edge of your seat journey, that will have you holding onto the pages for dear life!
“While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.”


Texas Sisters Press, LLC is an independent press who believes that each author is as unique as their work. They work with each  author, together, to figure out how best they can help them. For inquiries, please head over to their website: